What is Journey 2 Cloud?

Journey 2 Cloud (J2C) is an end to end method that creates a cloud strategy for your organization. Most importantly it will help you define what not to put in the cloud!

J2C is a step-by step process that takes you along the journey of cloud adoption that is right for your business, independent of any vendor solution.

Benefits and Risks

  • Understand your IT service portfolio
  • Decide what to keep in house
  • Map the journey service by service
  • Move services in a low risk way

Cloud is probably the most hyped technology approach in history. It is many things to many people. In its simplest form it is a way to procure technology delivered as a service. This can be a platform, infrastructure or application. These services are often mystified with terminology such as private, public and hybrid clouds, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and CaaS.

Adopting cloud in a planned and managed way can offer your business enormous benefits transforming your ways of working. However, embracing cloud can be a confusing, risky business and a political minefield. However, ignoring this empowering technology can mean losing competitive advantage and missing out on great cost savings and more flexible and speedy outcomes to your users. 

Evaluating how cloud fits your business, which options to select, when and how to appraise the various solutions can be incredibly complex. If you don’t know what steps to take the lack of transformation could kill your business.

Markets are already under disruption by dramatic and fast change. Consider the change in non-IT markets. Online music has displaced retail and CDs; On-demand movies have all but finished the video rental shop; and cloud photo storage and home printing has decimated the old photographic industry. Cloud is fast moving and as we have already seen is disrupting even the largest IT vendors with new companies rapidly becoming overnight leaders. 

Strategic Map

To ensure your success as a business or IT leader you must map out a robust strategy that delivers a foundation for your cloud use, now and into the future. A strategy that envelops not only the technology choices & implementation, but also their impact on your organisation, your processes and people, while clearly defining and describing the risks and benefits at any given time. It should also define what you are not going to do.

Business Agility

With cloud you need to be more agile than ever before. Based on the foundations of Evoco’s ‘Journey 2 Agile’ we now bring you ‘Journey 2 Cloud’ to deliver you a cloud strategy that will enable your business to make smart cloud decisions at the right times.

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Journey 2 Cloud Journey 2 Cloud (227 KB)

  • Refreshable cloud strategy 
  • Operationally efficent end state
  • Org change and value creation
  • Approach appraisal: private, public, or hybrid cloud
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Data sovereignty/security
  • Risk mitigation
  • Sourcing and sizing strategies
  • Mobile considerations

  • Cloud thought leader
  • 26 Years in IT
  • 10 years cloud experience
  • Eurocloud board member
  • Governance board member of Cloud Industry Forum
  • TalkinCloud channel expert
  • CompTIA cloud certified